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Cromar White Road Train

Cromar White Road Train

Cromar White's road train locomotive can pull 12.4 tonnes and can handle gradients of 12%. it is fitted with an industry standard Ford 2.5 DI diesel engine and a three speed automatic gear box. This combination gives smooth running and good fuel economy. It is also fitted with a fail-safe air braking system that is compatible with most existing coaches. We can also supply custom finished four wheel steer coaches to your specification.


The price for the locomotive is £22,000.00 plus VAT

The coaches start at £15,600.00 depending on size and specification (e.g. with windows, sound system and wheel chair ramp are extra) plus Vat


A three coach road train (45 adults) starts at under £70,000.00 plus VAT  (brand new coaches refurbished locomotive).