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Cromar White can supply both classic American-style industrial and steam locomotives and the newly lunched UBOAT, the first new Cromae White locomotive for over 20 years.

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Sweet Creek 2-6-0 steam locoSweet Creek 2-6-0 steam loco

Sweet Creek is a large locomotive. The operator sits in, not on, the tender, allowing easy access to all controls, even for the largest scale engineers. It is the ultimate club or estate engine, capable of hauling very heavy loads up steep grades for prolonged periods. The ride is exceptional and extremely realistic. A heavy-duty, 2-6-0 Mogul, it is built in 3.75in scale and runs on 7.25in, 7.5in or 10.25in gauge track.

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The General Electric U25B (nicknamed U-Boat)The General Electric U25B (nicknamed U-Boat)

General Electric type U25B

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Island Class 0-4-2Island Class 0-4-2

The Island Class 10 1/4 " gauge and is based on a 0-4-2 chassis.

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Challenger double bogie locomotive electric powered

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