Commercial Railways

Outdoor Railways

Cromar White Ltd is all about trains and other vehicles used to transport and entertain people. We build trains that ride on rails, trains that travel on roads, all-terrain systems and other systems to transport people in a fun and efficient way.

Products include rail trains designed with the look of old-style steam engine locomotives. Our trackless road train products vary from authentic looking steam locomotives on rubber tires to Ford F350 power units pulling coaches.

No matter what the scale or style, our trains, trolley buses, resort buses and custom vehicles look like fun vehicles that people want to ride in. We build them to fit the surroundings where they will be working, whether it’s an Old-West locomotive, an African Safari or another design to match the theme of the attraction.


Indoor Railways

Our Portable Events Train (PromoLoco) has proved popular in a number of venues worldwide and gives clients the chance to increase their footfall at crucial promotional periods such as Christmas, Holidays and Open Days etc.

The track, locomotive and set props are all fully portable and can be purchased outright for successive benefits or hired for specific events.

The Locomotive is a steam outline, powered by standard golf cart batteries, making it suitable for use indoors and out.

All equipment is supplied ready for use and may be installed and commissioned within a day. Staff training is available if required and takes under two hours. Instructions, Safety Check Schedules and Maintenance Schedules are supplied as standard in the initial installation and are available as required thereafter.


Specialist Railways

Roof laboratory and test track

Cromar White Ltd won the prestigious contract to install a ‘dog-bone’ shaped seven and a quarter inch gauge railway on the roof of the new GRACE building, Nottingham University which has been designed to create a state of the art laboratory. It has a series of stable monuments which are supported through the whole of the building and into the foundations. These will provide high tolerance platforms for continuously operating GNSS receivers used for both earth movement research and to provide support to the RTK Network project. The roof will be surfaced with a multipath reducing surface and obstructions have been designed to be at a minimum.

A unique facility of the “roof lab” will be a stable track system which will allow experiments of a kinematic nature over a known trajectory. This will be a wireless controlled system with high precision repeatability.