Steel Rail

All our rail is hot roller steel and is in the following sizes 4lb per yd – 6lb per yd – 12lbs per yd – 24 lbs per yd

High Steel Rail 12lbs per yard

Our 12 lbs per yard rail is 2″ high 2″ foot and a 1″ head. supplied in 19′ – 8″ lengths, drilled.

Heavy Steel Rail 5.2lbs per yard

Steel Rail 5.2 lbs per yard (2.6 Kg per metre) This rail is produced at the same mill as our popular 27mm and is suitable for garden railways from heavy 7¼” gauge light weight 10¼”. Supplied in 4 M (13 ft.) lengths. Weight 10.4kgs. Approximately 96 lengths per tonne (1000Kgs) Rail height 31mm Rail head […]

Medium Steel Rail 4lbs per yard

Our ever popular 27mm steel rail rolled in the UK with particularly tough and hard wearing properties. Recommended for all applications of private, club or commercial 5, 7¼, 7½in and light weight 10¼in railways. This is a popular choice of rail throughout the UK, and we have supplied to many other parts of the world. […]