Safety Systems

Cromar White are able to design and deliver bespoke electronic solution, from sound systems and P.A. systems to smoke systems to solar powered automatic signalling systems. Another of our products is the ‘Actuator’ for points, with versions ranging from 7 and a quarter inch to 24 inch gauge.

Point Actuator

Pictured is the 7 1/4″ / 10 1/4″ fully waterproof point actuator. These units allow trains to trail through and also have accurate sealed limit switches to control signalling. The actuators can be linked to fail-safe radio control systems for state of the art railway controls.


Sound & P.A. Systems

We can supply a full range of manual and automatic digital announcement systems for application such as passenger warning to ride information. All the systems can be user modified by the customer.


American Signals

Cromar White Ltd. offer a range of American style signals.


Crossing Gates


Cromar White have made authentic styled crossing gate in two gate and four gate configurations.

The first video shows the gate installed at Pickie Fun Park in Bangor Northern Island. These gates are trigger by key switch and open automatically when the train is clear of the gates.

The second video shows the fully automatic four gate system installed at Gypsy Wood Children’s Activity Park, Bontnewydd, Caernarfon, North Wales.