Cromar White can supply both classic American-style industrial and steam locomotives and the newly lunched UBOAT, the first new Cromar White locomotive for over 20 years.

Island Class 0-4-2

The 10 1/4 ” gauge Island Class series of locomotives is based on a 0-4-2 chassis and the steam outline version is powered by an battery electric 4 HP motor, diesel engine and variable hydraulic drive or live steam. The Island Class is also available in diesel out line with two power options, electric and […]

The General Electric U25B (nicknamed U-Boat)

This locomotive is built in the UK and is based on the General Electric type U25B. It is driven by four 24 volt DC motors, two digital speed controllers and up to eight 225 amp hour 6 volt batteries. Excellent tractive effort is achieved, the locomotive is simple and comfortable to dive for long periods. […]

Sweet Creek 2-6-0 Steam Loco

When narrow gauge railroads began to thrive and expand, their operating departments felt the need for larger, more capable locomotives to handle heavier loads over longer distances. To fill this need, Baldwin built many Mogul class locomotives for passenger, freight, plantation, and mining service. These engines were sold around the world, and some are still […]