Aluminium Alloy Rail

Our grade 6082T6 aluminium alloy rail is extruded in a BSI UK approved mill to BS 1474. It is particularly tough and hard wearing and highly resistant to corrosion even near the sea. Advantages over steel rail are that it gives a quiet ride, reduces wear on wheels and is easy to work with.

Light Alloy Rail

Our 16mm high alloy rail is ideal for the average garden railway in any gauge from 2.5 to 7.25in. Many clubs also use it for raised track systems. If laid to our suggestions all but the very large type of narrow gauge locomotives can be run on it. Railways built to “scale” dimensions also favour […]

Medium Alloy Rail

Our 27mm high alloy rail is suitable for any garden railway from 5 to 7¼in gauge and being a chunky section has a nice ‘narrow gauge’ feel to it. It is a prime choice for the private/club ground level 7¼in track. Supplied in 4000mm (13ft) lengths. Weight 2.60kg. per length. Supplied in single lengths or […]

Heavy Alloy Rail

Our 32mm high alloy rail is suitable for all gauges from 5 to 10in. We recommend it for any heavy-duty applications or those railways requiring the narrow gauge feel. Supplied in 4572mm lengths. Weight 3.22kg.