Track Equipment

The more common miniature gauges are considered to be: in(mm) 2½(63.5), 3½(88.9), 5(127), 7¼(184.15), 10¼(260.35), 15 (381). Also in the UK, 12¼(311.15) is a recent introduction and is the largest gauge that can be open to the public with out a Light Railway Order (unless crossing a public road).The US also has 12(304.8) gauge. Years ago, before 7¼, became popular, 9½(215.9) was also common. Throughout the world there are other odd gauges, all presumably a whim of the builder. However the USA prefers 4¾(120.65)in lieu of 5(127) and, apart from the north east, 7½(190.5) in lieu of 7¼(184.15).

The minimum gauge for ground level, stable, passenger hauling is considered to be 5in and then only for garden railways. For public ground level railways 7¼in is the minimum. Many clubs increase stability for 5in tracks by raising them on piers and sitting passengers on sit-astride coaches with feet below track level, thereby reducing the centre of gravity. Whilst 2½ & 3½in locomotives are often capable of pulling passengers, the carriages are usually running on the 5 or 7¼in gauge. Hence many clubs have multi-gauge tracks.

Re-railing Plate

Our automatic re-railing plate is made from laser cut 10mm steel with a hot dip galvanised finish. The re-railing plates are made for 7 ¼ ” or 10 ¼” gauges and easily fits on your track in front of the derailed locomotive or coach. Move the train forward over the plate and the de-railed wheels […]

Rail Roller

We produce rail rollers for 16mm, 27mm, 32mm and 8lb per yard rail. The roller mounts in a vice is hand operated and fully adjustable.

Medium Fish Plates

Medium fish plates fit both our steel and aluminium rail sections and are sold in pairs. We also supply custom made cup head square bolts and nylock nuts.


Naturally, we supply all components separately. These include, rail, sleepers, rail fixing screws, fishplates, fish nuts & bolts, point levers, point springs etc.


We have a range of standard pointwork for all gauges from 3 1/2 to 10 1/4in.They are of a robust construction to withstand heavy traffic. Each crossing nose is individually machined to suit radius. Switch blades are properly machined and stock rails recessed to ensure a snug fit for the switch blades. The tie bar […]

Portable Steel Track

Using our steel rail welded to steel sleepers we can supply the ideal portable track system in any gauge or multi-gauge. Panels are supplied in 2000mm or 4000mm sections either painted or fully galvanised.